Best Way to be a Homeowner in Las Vegas


If you want to be a homeowner in Las Vegas, the easiest option would be to buy a home already built. The cost may also work out in your favor. But, the home may not suit you. The likelihood of the home to be as per your expectations is very low. Alternatively, you can choose a production home. But even then, the house may not cater to your expectations completely. Of course, it is a better option than buying an already built home even though the cost may be slightly higher. But, the best option would be to go for a custom home.

Building a custom home has its own set of negatives. But, the positives outweigh the negatives by a good margin. Before we look at the positives, we will briefly look at the negatives. First of all, building a custom home can be an expensive affair. If you don’t have the budget, don’t go for it. Also, it can be time consuming. Now, coming to the positives, you can build a home which suits your requirements perfectly. You can include all the amenities you need without any compromises.

Challenges in Custom Home Projects

If you are planning to build a new custom home, you need to be prepared to face some challenges. After all, home building is not easy. Custom home building is a lot tougher.

The main challenge you have to face during custom home construction is decision fatigue. You will be bombarded with lots of choices and ideas. Deciding on a select few is easier said than done.

The timeline in which the project proceeds can be quite frustrating. You would spend a lot of time with your builder preparing the timelines to stick to. But, over time, you will find that the timelines agreed upon are not adhered to. This is a common problem clients have to face when dealing with home builders. You can be slightly flexible with the schedule. But, it is not unreasonable to push the builder to be on his toes to stick to the timeline because some builder take advantage of lenient clients.

Sticking to the budget is another big challenge you would have to face. Custom homes are expensive and the project exceeding the budget is a real danger unless you work with experienced builders like Merlin Custom Home Builders in Las Vegas.

Importance of Avoiding Pitfalls While Building a Custom Home

Before deciding to build a custom home, people usually start out by looking for ideas. For that, they go around the neighborhood and start touring homes. People visit model homes for inspiration. Taking ideas from model homes can be good as well as bad for building a custom home project. If you just get inspired from the model home, it is fine. But, it can be really bad fi you end up copying the home and your new custom home would turn out to be not unique.

While starting out to build a custom home, you would be quite enthusiastic about it. But, your enthusiasm can hide the pitfalls you may encounter in the process which can turn out to be blunders later on. One of the common blunders which people make is that they end up having a larger outdoor area which would in turn end up shrinking the size of the rooms.

It is important to hire an experienced and expert custom home builder like Merlin for your project. Such a builder would help you avoid pitfalls while building a custom home.

Importance of Visiting the Custom Home Construction Site

One mistake that many clients who have started a new custom home construction project is that they don’t visit the construction site. It is of paramount importance to visit the construction site at least twice a week especially during the beginning stages of the project just to make sure that everything is going in the right direction. Sometimes, miscommunication can happen between the builder and the client which can lead to mistakes. It is the duty of the client to monitor all of that.

Many people complain that they do not get time to visit the construction site every week. But, one should not start a custom home construction project if there is no time to even visit the construction site and monitor the progress. It is not the same as building a production home where you leave everything to the builder and don’t visit the site at all until the construction is fully complete. That approach definitely would not work in case of a custom home construction project which requires constant monitoring and re-evaluation.

Locking the Budget for a Custom Home 


Locking the budget before the construction of a custom home goes a long way in ensuring the success of the project. As a homeowner, you need to be sure about how much you are willing to spend on the whole project. Once the budget is fixed and finalized, you can then decide upon the features and the amenities which you want in the home. If a particular feature is too luxurious or expensive, you can leave it out in the design phase itself. While deciding the budget for the custom home, it is important to consider the taxes as well so that you are not surprised later on.

You may want to obtain loan from a bank as you might not have the funds required for the completion of the project. Well before the beginning of the project, you should research on the financing options. Actually, for a custom home construction, you should go for something called construction loan which is quite different from the regular home loan. Of course, you can discuss with your custom home builder on the possible financing options for your project.


Specialized Custom Home Builders

There are different kinds of custom home builders out there who offer different kinds of services in different ways. Trying to find the ideal custom home builder for your project is not a straightforward task at all especially if you are building a home for the first time. Building a custom home is not as straightforward as building a production home. There are many variables to be considered while building a custom home. Hence, you need to hire specialized custom home builders.

One great thing about a custom home builder is that there will be just a single point of contact throughout the project. There won’t be a lot of confusions. You don’t have to be interacting with different professionals to get the job done. You simply need to communicate with your single point of contact.

Choosing a custom home builder gives you a lot of flexibility. In case you are building something and you want to change something in the middle of the construction, a custom builder would be more than willing to accommodate the changes as long as it is practically possible. You cannot expect the same kind of flexibility from a normal home builder.

Why Choose Custom Homes Over Production Homes?


Well, there can be many reasons why you would want to construct a custom home. The generic reason is that you can design it the way you want and can get all the amenities that you want. The same cannot be said about a production home. You would have to compromise on a lot of things. The design of the house would be mostly fixed by the builder and you can only ask for very little insignificant changes. Also, you cannot get additional amenities which you wish for.

One great benefit of going for a custom home is that you can future-proof your home. You need not think about changing your house for years to come. But, in case of a production home, you might want to look for a change after a few years due to dissatisfaction.

With a custom home, you can focus on building a truly energy efficient home. You can find builders who can help you with that. However, you cannot always build a completely energy efficient production home. There are lots of factors which prevent a production home to be truly energy efficient.

The Pain of a Builder Deserting a Custom Home Project

Building a custom home is a dream for many. It is a great feeling to move in to a new custom luxury home. But, a custom home cannot be built without a trustworthy builder. If the builder is not good enough, it can lead to a lot of mistakes and headaches.

There are many cases of a custom home project being deserted by a builder. I personally know of a situation in Los Angeles where only half of the custom home was constructed. But, after that, the builder lost interest in the project and moved on to a different project. The client was left with an unfinished home. Such things can happen if you do not choose your custom home builder carefully. You should always dig up the history of the builder.

Disagreements between homeowners and builders are common. But, that shouldn’t lead to the builder leaving the project midway. A professional builder would never do that.

If you are looking for a custom home builder in the city of Las Vegas, then you can go for Merlin custom home builders. They provide highly professional services. 

Building a Dream Custom Home in Las Vegas

Do you want a custom home of your dreams built in Las Vegas? You need to seek the services of good custom home builders in Las Vegas such as Merlin. The builder should give full importance to your preferences and requirements. A good builder would accompany you throughout the course of the project.

A renowned builder would be part of the builder’s union in the state. So, when you choose a builder from the union, you can be at peace that you have chosen a trustworthy custom home builder. 

The builder should know how to build a house according to energy efficiency standards. The utility bills should not go through the roof. The builder should mostly use state-of-the-art raw materials and equipment for the construction of the house.

The custom home builder should have a modern website showcasing all of the projects. The images that you see on the website should be appealing enough to prompt you to go and visit the property in person. Merlin is one such builder based in Las vegas with a fabulous website.

Uniqueness is Important for Custom Homes

The custom home building industry has changed a lot in the recent past. Uniqueness is one of the main factors which determine the design and construction of a custom home. This is particularly true in case of luxury homes which are built in posh cities in USA such as Las Vegas. Sophistication is one of the keywords which home designers use while designing the floor plan for a custom home.

A unique durable custom luxury home requires the investment of a considerable amount of money. Not everybody can afford a luxury custom home. At the same time, not every home builder can handle the construction of a luxury custom home. There are specialist custom home builders who do such projects.
Finding the best custom home builder is of utmost importance. The builder should be able to build a unique home for you. He should simply not copy the designs or ideas which he had used for a different home. The builder should have a good repository of designs and ideas.