Microfiber enviro cloth is one of the best Norwex cleaning products that are the most used product from Norwex. These Norwex cleaning products cleans almost everything of the house. If you have this piece of cleaning product then there is no use of having any other cleaning product. Here is the benefit of having microfiber enviro cloth at your home.

Benefits of Norwex Cleaning Products

– This cleaning product is able to grab soap scum, dirt and general grunginess. This piece of cloth is been made up of high grade microfiber. Each of its strands is 1/200th size of human hair which means it has huge amount of surface area that garbs the dirt from the surface. It is a great piece of cloth that helps in wet cleaning as well as dry dusting. If you use this Norwex window cloth to clean, then all the nasty marks and spots will be removed. By using only small amount of soap, you will be able to clean spots from windows, the walls of the tub, rind around the tub, hard water spots, spatter of toothpaste and other such grossness that are found in the bathrooms. It eliminates the residue of chemical and leaves everything streak free.

– It is able to remove about 99% of bacteria from the surface by using only water. It picks and holds on to the dirt and anything else from the surface. It safely eliminates all from your house without using any harmful chemicals. When it is used properly then it has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from the surfaces.

– Norwex cleaning products are self purifying. In this cloth, silver based antibacterial agents are embedded inside the tiny microfibers. It helps to inhibit growth of mildew and molds and it also inhibits bacterial odor within the cloth while it is left to dry. One of the best things about this piece of cloth is that it will resist all the yucky smell.

– It helps to clean much better and faster. This piece of cloth surpasses the expectations of the home owners in all the possible way. It not only helps in cleaning better but it also enables the house to remain cleaner for longer period of time. The chemical cleaners tend to leave sticky residue where it is been used to clean. When the dirt settles on the sticky residues, it gets glued down essentially which makes it more difficult to clean off. So by eliminating the chemicals you will also be able to eliminate sticky residues of chemicals that resulted in surfaces which no longer attracts dirt or it has encouraged the dirt to stick really that lead to faster cleaning and less cleaning.

– This piece of cloth has microfiber of high quality. The power of other cleaning cloth diminishes after few washes whereas the microfiber cloth from Norwex last for seven or more years and even after 500 washes it is found to be effective in removing everything from the surface and it looks like a brand new.