A properly maintained refrigeration unit can save between 5 and 10% in energy costs. Here are the basic operations in preventive maintenance:
• Immaculate Internals – Dust off coils, fan blades and motors every month, the same as you would do for any commercial HVAC system. With the exception of fan blades, you should never use any liquid cleaning solutions. Blades can be cleaned using a damp cloth. For units located outside, make sure there are no shrubs that obstruct airflow. Also, check for water damage and condensation.
• Shiny Exterior – Avoid caustic cleaning solutions, as they can destroy surfaces and cause odors. Instead, use general purpose detergent, along with a soft damp cloth. Lubricate door hinges and degrease gaskets. Doors that don’t close properly can generate higher running costs and unnecessary mechanical strain.
• Professional Help – Once a year, have a technician inspect the electrical and mechanical parts of your industrial appliances. These include electrical connections, thermostat, compressor, condensing and evaporating coils, as well as motors, radiators and fan blades.
Identifying and fixing issues in a timely manner will spare you the more expensive ones later on. Besides preventive maintenance operations that you can do on your own, calling a professional at least once a year is highly recommended.