Disk Drive Repair

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I have a Samsung S4 Mini is completely unresponsive, although when connected to a computer the computer does recognise the phone as an “unkown device” with an error message being displayed saying (“one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognise it”). I would like to make an enquiry to recover my personal data / photo’s directly from the phones memory if this is possible? – I was recommended to you by the people at http://www.blogster.com/diskdriverepair/ who told me you have a lot of experience in fixing these disk drives?

We have a damaged Freecom usb drive that looks like the connecting cable has been bent against the connection on the hard drive, this small part has broken off the hard drive circuit making computer connection impossible. The hard drive its self is ok.

My mam has factory reset her samsung tab 4 android tablet and we were wondering about costs for recovering all the pictures and data that was there before

USB memory stick does not work when plugged in to port, can you recover the data on the stick?. I was wondering how much you charge for USB data recovery. The device is not being recognised by the computer. The following has been tried: device manager, computer manager, my computer. I think it is a hardware failure. I have spare USB’s of the same type if required for parts, etc.

I have a lg4 phone which has developed a bootloop fault and gets stuck turning on . I would like you to extract my WhatsApp messages ,photos and contacts from the phone.