Ketamine therapy is an absolute solution to alcoholism

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You must have heard many people boast about their capacity to drink. They consider it a matter of pride if they out-drink their friends and/or family members. And the receiver of this ‘proud’ title does not always remain the same because they’re all trying to have a better ‘capacity’ than the rest. Thus, slowly and slowly, without their realizing, they are developing tolerance. Tolerance refers to the body’s response to the ethanol in alcoholic beverages. As the individual’s consumption increases, the individual’s sensitivity decreases. And thus, he/she requires more amounts of alcohol to achieve the same effects as before the tolerance level was established. Increasing tolerance can lead to alcohol dependency.

Alcohol Use Disorder or Alcohol Dependence Syndrome includes all problems an individual faces due to drinking. Ketamine therapy is an absolute solution to alcoholism. Excessive intake, difficulty quitting, lack of social responsibility, health problems, interpersonal problems, etc are all included in the above disorder. In terms of excessive drinking, alcohol can have adverse affects on the individual’s heart, brain, liver, pancreas and even the immune system of the body. Alcoholism can lead to heart problems, liver failure, mental illness and an increased risk of cancer. If a woman consumes alcohol in excess during pregnancy, it can severely affect the baby’s health and even lead to a condition called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Also, women are more sensitive to the harmful effects of alcohol than men are. Alcoholism also affects the individual’s personal, social and occupational life.

No one wants to hire an alcoholic to work for them as they are naturally considered undependable. Alcoholics can create embarrassing social situations and this strains relationship with friends. But ketamine therapy can solve this problem. Even in their personal life, alcoholics suffer from many problems as they shun responsibility and/or are incapable of taking it. Not only has this, being an alcoholic parent increased the chances of the child becoming an alcoholic when he/she grows up. Also, children of alcoholics are neglected, lack warm and supportive parenting the need and may grow up to have dysfunctional relations. In the personal lie, it leads to marital conflict, domestic violence and even divorce.

Consumption of alcohol suppresses the neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to impaired judgment. Thus, many individuals take rash decisions in a drunken state. They may drive riskily, have unsafe sex, engage in violence, etc. Psychologically, excessive alcohol is associated with anxiety and depressive disorders. Other psychiatric disorders are also not uncommon. You can safely adopt the iv ketamine therapy to get rid of this deadly habit.

Not only alcoholism, but also quitting alcohol after long term use can result in debilitating conditions. Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome is a range of symptoms shown by the individual when he/she suddenly quits drinking. The neurotransmitters that had been suppressed till now suddenly begin firing in a hyper-excited state, leading to anxiety, life threatening seizures, delirium tremens, hallucinations, shaking and possible heart failure too. The acute withdrawal phase usually lasts between one and three weeks. Post this period, the person usually experiences increased anxiety, depression, fatigue and sleep disturbance. A quarter of the percentage of people who suffer from alcoholism can experience depression and anxiety for up to two years after quitting. This depression and anxiety can destroy your life, but iv ketamine therapy can save you. Private clinics or non-profit organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous help the person come to terms with his/her problem and teach him/her way s to deal with it. is an institution that helps provide effective detoxification programs for individuals suffering from alcoholism. It provides professional care during and after the treatment phase with programs like iv ketamine therapy designed to specifically treat your condition.