Leeds, London and Cornwall

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I have dropped my sansung s6 telephone. THe screen is dark and the blue light is continually on. I have signed onto my samsung record to attempt and remotely open the telephone however it wont associate with the tablet by any stretch of the imagination. I simply need to recuperate my photographs and recordings. Would you be able to please fill me in regarding whether this? I am in London

I have to recuperate information off of my Apple Macbook hardrive as quickly as time permits, as I am sincerely busy written work a thesis with an up and coming due date. I am situated in the Leeds territory and was considering to what extent it would take for the information recuperation and what your costs are?

btw i live in cornwall and was thinking about you address so whether you would i be able to can drop off both drives. for the issue i heard it crushing on something

Clicking, revving up are the fundamental clamors. Now and then it could get to specific documents, at times it hung when attempting to get to similar records. The drive is pertinently new. It turns up , clicks a couple times then appears to decrease speed or turn down/stop.

Dropped the WD 500GB outside hard drive. Regardless it controls up and can be heard to turn. Might want a cost for recuperation.