But Dr. Abram Hoffer reported that it’s a rare problem indeed. He would give patients 1,100 – 1,200 micrograms of selenium a day. Some doctors have given more and they haven’t seen any trouble. But really high doses of selenium can be problematic. On the other hand, selenium deficiency is problematic. Cancer rates are higher. AIDS rates are higher in parts of the world where selenium is poor in their soils. Dr. Harold Foster writes about this in his papers and books. Harry was a colleague of mine who was particularly keen on selenium. And he did studies all around the world to show that where you have less selenium, you have people with more trouble with AIDS and also cancer. Having said that, having a small amount of selenium in your multiple is sufficient. What else do I take? Because I’m a guy. And because we’ve had a rough winter up here in upstate New York, just across the lake from Canada, I take extra vitamin A usually during the winter. And I’ll take maybe 50,000 units of fish oil vitamin A every day in the winter. I would not recommend that to reproductive – age women, but I would recommend it to people that have problems with allergies or upper respiratory tract infections. I do a lot of talking and I’m under a moderate amount of stress from that, so I take an extra vitamin A. It’s good for the epithelial tissue. The surface inside your mouth and throat. Learn more about male supplements at http://infospeak.org/?p=152 and http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=40
 In a way, your outer skin is also your inner skin. But your outer skin is designed to resist things like sun and heat and dryness. But y our inside has to stay moist. The vitamin A that you take helps to keep that inside tissue that lines your mouth and your throat, and indeed, everything inside you that has a lining, vitamin A helps to keep that strong and resist bacterial invasion. We ll, you know I take more vitamin C. I’ve been saying for a while I take 18,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day. That’s the amount Linus Pauling took. I divide that dose as much as I can. I try to take 2,000 milligrams nine times a day. Sometimes I take more. If I’m under more stress, or if I’m doing more speaking, or if it’s cold season, or if it’s the winter. Or if there is any one of a number of factors. If I let myself get run down by not following the rules, which we all sometimes do. Or if I’ve had some food that I know isn’t really good for me. In any of these instances, I will take more vitamin C. For sickness we take it to saturation. (29:35) Vitamin D – The 4 or 500 units of vitamin D in a multiple is a good start. If you take a multiple with each meal you’re now up to about 1,200 or even 1,500 units of vitamin D a day. That’s pretty good. Learn more about supplements at http://swankyseven.com/?p=6