Say What You Want To Say With Photo Scrapbooks

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Creating a photo scrapbook takes time, patience and a little bit of knowledge. You need to make your pictures vibrant, colorful and engaging. Unique pictures make the scrapbook interesting to rifle through. You need to decide on a theme to create a scrapbook, not just some pictures stuck in a haphazard way. They ought to be creative, thought provoking and unique in ideas. There are three main stages to a photo scrapbook:

Ø Planning your layout
Ø Decide on the pictures that contribute to the theme
Ø Categorizing them, dating them
Ø Colors that complement the theme you have chosen
Ø The embellishments that go with the theme
Ø Make notes in the allocated spaces, so you know when they were taken
Ø Arranging the photos in the right order

If it is a vacation that you have recently enjoyed then you could place your photos on the order of the day, time and place. Make sure you create the photo scrapbook as soon as you return when the events are still fresh in your mind. If you have a digital camera well and good because you can transfer the photos into your laptop and segregate them into folders. Do it on that day itself, so you will never forget it.

There are several layouts that you can try with your photo scrapbook. It depends on what you are scrap-booking. You can seek the help of your family members when you are creating albums because they might or might not provide interesting tidbits of information that you might have forgotten to add. There is a lot of creativity involved in creating a photo scrapbook, so you have to sit in a room where you have a lot of space and start with the scrapbooking when you have the time. You can digitally manipulate the photos to suit your requirements, but don’t change it too much; after all you want to preserve the essence of the event. Make it attractive and lively with a lot of embellishments, tools and color enhancements. Scrapbooks are called by the following names – Baby scrapbook, Holiday scrapbook, Heritage scrapbook, Family scrapbook and Fond Memories scrapbook.