Tips to Penetrating the Denver Job Market

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Denver is probably one of the fastest growing cities in the United States currently. And there are many reasons for this including the many beautiful mountains it harbors. Close to 12000 people a month are relocating to Denver. And while it is a great thing, it is proving to be a pain for the locals.

Most people moving to Denver are looking for jobs. And it being a new city and all, they have lots of questions pertaining to the Denver job market. How does one capture the attention of hiring managers in Denver? What is the fastest way to catch a break in Denver?

Well, the answers to these questions might vary, but here are some to get you started in the Denver job market.

Dive into it

This is not what you expected right? It is not exciting or as fulfilling as you had expected it to be right? How can I expect you to move without having found a job yet? Yes I understand your concerns and insecurities. Agreed this is not a move for the faint hearted. But here is the rationale behind it. Being in Denver will make you more attractive than just promising to move to Denver when you land the job. For hiring managers, it is less of a risk and they are assured you can get started immediately. Also, they are sure you might not ask them to help with your relocation as part of the job incentive.

Moving also demonstrates the courage and confidence that you have in your job hunt and move to Denver.

Provide your set goals for your intended move

Since not many managers are eager to get in bed with out of town candidates, it helps when you state your set dates for moving. Think about it. A hiring manager is more likely to call you when you leave a note stating your intentions to move to Denver 3 months from now unless you land a job sooner. Just saying ‘moving to Denver would be great’ will not cut it. It is not in the least reassuring. This statement, regardless of a high skill set just might eliminate you from the running of a job you have eyed.

Have a niche

The exception to the above stated rules is if you have a skill set that is in high demand in the current market. If you are say a full stack developer well versed in Angular.JS and such technologies, you are in high demand. If you are a high level UX designer with lots of experience or a virtual reality pioneer, chances are you are in high demand and hiring managers will be dying to have you. The fact that not many people have your given skill set gives you an added advantage.

Be creative

If you don’t have a unique skill set, then you just might have to get creative. Pick out companies, like this one here, that you would love to work with. Do your homework, send them a small intro of yourself and show the value that you can bring into the company. Wow the manager. If you are say a designer, you could probably throw in a simple design to show your creativity and how you could change things up when hired. Giving them a taste of what they are missing is key.

It is a daunting experience no doubt, but if you are set to moving to Denver, let nothing or anyone deter you.