Vigrx Plus is the number ONE source of the important trace- mineral most people lack: namely Chromium. This trace -mineral helps the absorption of Magnesium, and is extremely important is keeping blood sugar levels stabilized. Consider how an imbalance of sugars in the blood stream can wreck havoc on your mood, hormonal balance (think: Testosterone) and energy levels (including sexual) . True stor y: Once, I made the mistake of drinking a couple of glasses of commercially produced, sweetened red wine before having sex that same evening. Learn more at and
The fatigue that ensued rendered me useless for about six hours! Hardly my idea of how a “romantic night” should go. Don’t worry though, alcohol on its own is fine – infact beneficial – provided that it’s of the “ dry ” variety . The other chemical Cacao is rich in is called Theobromine. Caffeine and Theobromine are infact “sister molecules”; similar, but with one significant difference of supplements. 
While Caffeine constricts blood vessels, Theobromine has the opposite effect; a vasodilating – or widening – effect on your blood vessels, allowing for increased blood circulation . And, it is my belief that here lies Cacao’s true asset as a sexual invigorator for males. You see, Cacao has minute amounts of Arganine, which has “Viagra”- like benefits in that it stimulates blood flow to the genitals (note that the amount of Argenine present per gram is significantly higher in powdered ra w Cacao). That, in synergistic combination with Theobromine’ s vasodilating effects, means that unless one consistently makes libido – killing dietary and life style choices , no one who makes regular habit of eating raw cacao should ever have an excuse for complaining of erectile dysfunction! And let’s not forget the Oelic Acid contained in Cacao – an essential heart – healthy fatty acid that has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and increase GOOD cholesterol. Good cholesterol, aside from having heart- strengthening benefits, is also a precursor to many of the body’s hormones, including Human Growth Hormone an d of Testosterone! Please note : N ot all varieties of Cacaos you get in the market are produced equal. The only variety you should look for are the royal Criollo variety. This is mentioned (infact emphasized) on the packet. Learn more about male supplements at
This is because both subtle and acute stress and depression are some of the worse enemies of a healthy libido and sexual recuperation… 3. Finally, the raw cacao incorporated in the recipe I will outline for you at the end of this report will actually ENHANCE the nutritional and “herbal” benefits of the next two foods I will reveal shortly . Item number 1 deserves especial mention : Aside from being one of the world’s richest source of anti – oxidants (richer than all berries combined ) Cacao is also b y far the world’s number ONE source of the mineral most people lack: Magnesium.
Nevertheless , Maca only grows on soil that is actually extremely rich in minerals, which accounts for her super – food status. Now, on a more relevant note to us, why has this super – food been appreciated and used for centuries as both a stable food and a sexual invigorator par excellence ? There are two reasons : First : Maca aids your body’s Testosterone production with in the gonads.