If you want to give sugar daddy game a try, use all the techniques already described in this book. The vast majority of them directly apply here and will increase your response rates, date rates, and sex-per-date rates. However, use the below techniques to modify and adjust for sugar daddy game. 1 . Feel free to chuck the max-three-photos rule. Throw out the max-three photos on your profile limitation. If you have other photos that demonstrate your awesome life, such as travel photos, photos of you on a motorcycle, etc., then go ahead and put them up there. The best extra photos to have are those that demonstrate your lifestyle while not focusing on your looks (unless you’re a very good-looking guy). 2 . Go right to sex on the first date if that’s what you want. This is particularly true if you’re doing pay-for-it game. If you’re willing to pay, there’s no need to meet at a bar or whatever. Just have her come right over to your place, or worst case, meet at coffee shop very briefly so she’s comfortable and then quickly bounce to your place. Most women on the site will be down for that if they know they’re getting paid. If you’re doing don’t-pay game, meeting at a bar or similar location then getting to sex on the second date may help; it depends on the woman and your level of dating skill. 3 . Even if the woman expects money, negotiate her number down, ideally to zero. Newbies and successful- boyfriend seekers, even those who ask for cash, can be negotiated down to zero if your game is strong and if you present yourself well. Escorts and pros can be negotiated down a little, sometimes, though never to zero. For example, if they throw out $300 per visit, if you’re tough you can often get them down to $200 or $100 per visit. Check out pheromones at http://pheromonedata.blogspot.com/2016/12/what-i-have-come-to-realize-with.html and http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/11/28/095801This is not a book on negotiating skills, but to summarize some techniques, you need to have a number in mind you won’t go over (even if that number is zero), try to get her to say a number first, react with shock and disgust as soon as she says her first number, and be very outcome independent and non-needy. Usually you will get much better results negotiating in person rather than over the site or over texts, though often this won’t be an option. Here’s the iron rule when it comes to what women demand on these sites: she will demand whatever the last guy gave her . So if the last guy paid her $300 per visit, that’s what she will expect from you, and she won’t waver much on this number. If you keep pressing on her to reduce it, she’ll vanish and move to the next prospect. If the last guy gave her $8,000 a month, once again, that’s what she’ll expect from you. The good news is if the last guy gave her $100 per visit, or if she’s brand new and never had a guy give her anything, you can often get her number to zero. Always ask a woman what her last guy did. Often women don’t want to tell you, but do your best to pull this info from her. It saves you a hell of a lot of time. Learn more about pheromones at http://worstthing.org/pheromones-and-sexuality/