Uncertainty avoidance shows how willing a culture is to take a risk. Additionally it’s also a measure of how well uncertainty and ambiguity are tolerated. I call it the control factor because it shows how much a culture tries to control the future. A high control factor means these cultures hold rigid codes of belief… Read More

We all unanimously agree that for all the downsides of women in the adult industry, those girls still weren’t as fucked up as most strippers who use pheromone perfumes. I’m making a sweeping generalization I know, but I have never in my time met an emotionally healthy and stable stripper. And I’ve met and fucked… Read More

I try to avoid any pheromones I can as a general rule. Treat the cause, not the symptom whenever possible. After becoming a near expert of human pheromones (that led to me considering the testosterone cycle in the first place) I would consider Androstenone at the end of a cycle. Test prop is great when… Read More

If you want to give sugar daddy game a try, use all the techniques already described in this book. The vast majority of them directly apply here and will increase your response rates, date rates, and sex-per-date rates. However, use the below techniques to modify and adjust for sugar daddy game. 1 . Feel free… Read More

When they were sitting the girl I know was on a couch and I sat on the couch too, her friend was in front of us in a chair. I visualized that they come back and swapped seats because her friend likes me and use powerful pheromones.I then went outside and talked to them while… Read More

Filling the Pheromone Void to Avoid the Feeling Later in life, even if we start to feel fine, another traumatic event (especially some sort of abandonment) can tear that hole wide open again.  Learn more at http://infospeak.org/?p=160 and http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=169 And it’s one of the most painful things about pheromone attraction we can ever experience. It certainly… Read More

Are you going to ignore what has happened to you and run the risk of making the same mistake again and again? Or are you going to identify the lessons you have to learn and get it right this time? A saying my grandmother taught me – and one that has always stayed with me… Read More

I spent 6 weeks, 1/2 of November, all of December, studying pheromones. I first came across the game, I read it in 2 days. I learned about the mystery method, but it didn’t appeal to me, and then I watched a 6 video set of David Deangelo’s Double Your Pheromones. At the time, this material… Read More

Pheromone cologne takes a while usually…usually, not always. Usually in order to get yourself into a marriage. You know…she is gonna know about your family, she is gonna know about your pheromone attraction ambitions, know about your job, she wanna know almost everything about you and she is probably gonna have days if require a… Read More