Pheromone cologne takes a while usually…usually, not always. Usually in order to get yourself into a marriage. You know…she is gonna know about your family, she is gonna know about your pheromone attraction ambitions, know about your job, she wanna know almost everything about you and she is probably gonna have days if require a while. 
And possibly even lived with you for a while about which pheromone is her strongest. That is even, you know, that game is fully done and then when the marriage is something that has to be created continuously. But a lot of people don’t realize is that, the least game rules is actually short time frame sex. Because the assumption is that the time of future interaction is going to be less. 
So, if your start with the beginning, Short Time Frame sex, SNL’s – Less game rules than in FB, because FB is going to be more time, more interaction. You gonna see them more than once, so little bit more evaluation going on there. LTR’s is the same thing regarding human pheromones according to and
You know the LTR or even FB situation where you have is there is a higher incidence that you are going to see them out more or run into them or even meet maybe some other friends. So, there is a lot more analytical pheromone evaluation going on there.  Learn more about pheromones at
So, I just find it funny that, the most common intuition is that the one with the most game rules actually has the least. You know SNL’s most people think it’s so much harder and so much more difficult. It can be, but only if you make it that way. To me it will be a lot harder to get a girlfriend but along that for me because I try to go through the SNL route. After the SNL, I just suck up more time with natural pheromones. 
Naturally she grasps and she gasps and I tell her, “It’s her fault that she uses pheromone perfume”. So, here what I have done is, I have said, “No , we are playing this game”. And I have done it with a natural pheromone demonstration , I have declined her invitation and demoed that we are playing in fact a timid game. So, then I keep going, to keep on clarifying . I have mentioned, taking her to the bathroom to cart that earlier on the table. 30:00 Min. She says, “Am not that easy”. Okay, so what is she still doing, she is sort of resisting the game. No, actually she wasn’t sure on Dynamic 3. That I value that. Alright. So, then I have to put forward this, Oh! God that pheromone perfume turns me on when you normally say things like that.
You gotta stop. Okay, so what happens there is basically I am communicating nothing with pheromones. No it’s okay. Nothing you do is going to derail this and this is where we are at, this is what we gonna do.