Filling the Pheromone Void to Avoid the Feeling Later in life, even if we start to feel fine, another traumatic event (especially some sort of abandonment) can tear that hole wide open again.  Learn more at and
And it’s one of the most painful things about pheromone attraction we can ever experience. It certainly was for me after losing the love of my life. After much self-exploration work, I realised it wasn’t the dumping from her that created the empty feeling, it was the same energetic trauma first created in childhood that was triggered once more with stronger sex pheromones. Learn more at
A wound that had resurfaced. And I would do ANYTHING to avoid that pain. I believed I needed to chase things around me to cure that wound, to fill that hole. What did I decide to use to fill it with? Hunting girls! I invented this crazy rule (like most guys in that situation) that if I could just get a girl naked with me then the pain would go away. Does this sound painfully familiar? What’s your story? Did an event tear open that wound in that heart of yours too with more powerful human pheromones?
You are so desperate you can’t even relax and have fun anymore—your emotional well-being is now on the line. You have this hole in your heart creating this lack and creating the sort of behaviour that would make Pac-Man blush. Now, imagine for a moment you don’t have this gaping wound in you. You don’t desperately need an outcome. You’ve carefully worked to heal and integrate yourself. You are loving life, and spilling this fulfillment and fun out into the world like an infinite fountain of joy that replenishes instantly. Your heart is whole. Doesn’t that sound fricking awesome? That my friend is the Social Heartist way for greater pheromones.
You will become an autonomous person who likes your pheromones . All the love you need comes from within and there’s so much of it that it just spills over into the world. Have you got any idea how attractive that is to women? Have you got any idea how good it feels? Can you imagine it? We’ll be there soon my friend. A huge part of living heartily is being in what I refer to as a ‘play frame.’ You are able to have fun and just play, because like a free spirit, you are free from outcomes and agendas. Free from pain, free from fear of loss. When you do pick-up you are locked in the opposite of a playful frame—instead you are in a ‘WORK FRAME.’ Academy Exercise Can you feel this neediness emanating when doing pick-up? This is the trust and power of true pheromones.
This is the way forward. Heal your heart, become happy and fulfilled in every moment. In every single moment. Not pretending to be fulfilled as a strategy to acquire women. But actually be fulfilled.  List as many pick-up techniques you still use. Write these down. Now underline the techniques that are there to batten down the hatches of that needy smell—the needy smell inherent within the acquisition framework of ‘pick-up.’ We’ll talk more about this list later when we use greater pheromones.