Pheromones Make A Difference

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I try to avoid any pheromones I can as a general rule. Treat the cause, not the symptom whenever possible. After becoming a near expert of human pheromones (that led to me considering the testosterone cycle in the first place) I would consider Androstenone at the end of a cycle. Test prop is great when used in proper doses and cycles, but not when it’s liquified pheromone oil in disguise. My philosophy on that is to get healthy enough to cycle steroids safely, do safe cycles, come down properly to end up with a healthier body in the end that is not reliant on the chemicals to maintain the higher level of health and performance. Which ironically ends up contrasting with the unsafe practices of many athletes that get caught with real pheromones. Learn more at and

I actually have an older version of the Pherazone pheromones before it came with a tablet that could do all kinds of other extra amazing things…although I’m not really sure what those are. After running the Pherazone subliminal pheromones on it for 5 months I noticed fear was gone, in ways that are difficult to explain. Far more comfortable in my own skin…starts to cover it. A lot of needless doubts, second guessings, etc. slowly disappeared. I’ve run Max Attraction Gold on it for about 3 weeks now and have noticed some things come to me out of the blue for further pheromone development. I can recommend it as a long term investment if you’re going to use it all the time. I haven’t used any any pheromone specifically designed for radionic machines so I can’t comment on those. I do find the cult of personality around the guy to be most interesting, as I don’t see the greatness around him as an individual many others seem to see. With a lot of things that have been drilled into me from Pherazone, a lot of books, starting to see a lot of new things in starting Stuart Lichtman’s Pherazone there are a several pieces of the puzzle he clearly just does not get, and lacks the emotional intelligence needed to take this as a good thing for the growth opportunities it offers rather than something that needs to be covered up by sucking his own cock. I’m not going to reveal exactly what that is, because he has people who read on the pheromone forum, and I don’t feel I should help him with this. He needs to see it for himself anyway. I can’t explain the people who defend his pheromone products after seeing no results. That makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. If you have done something to prevent the process from working and take responsibility for your own mistake that is one thing. However, he boasts about how amazing his pheromone products are, that they work without any effort and make you think you were so amazing all along which makes everything happen faster and etc. etc. etc., so if this is true results should be expected by following the instructions. In fairness I have seen him concede that they just won’t work for some people for some reason, but it should be a rather small minority of pheromone users. Learn more at