When they were sitting the girl I know was on a couch and I sat on the couch too, her friend was in front of us in a chair. I visualized that they come back and swapped seats because her friend likes me and use powerful pheromones.
I then went outside and talked to them while they were smoking, she asked me if I knew some guy and it sounded like a guy she likes… I guess to see my reaction again. I didn’t really care again and said “nah haven’t heard of him”. He loves the power of my pheromone attraction.
She mentioned her dog and how a friend thought it was a cat so I teased her a bit about that and told her I used to have a cavalier (hers is a pug cross cavalier). After about 5 minutes she goes “I need to goto the toilet” and looked at the girl I know and she goes “oh yeah I do to” and she goes “I’m sorry dude” and they went to the toilet.
I’ve had that before and I know sometimes it’s an excuse, but i’ve never had a girl apologize for it before so I was confused whether it was a blowoff or not. Because her bodylanguage was showing she was definately attracted to my pheromone scent.
I went to talk to a few guys I know who got eliminated from poker and they come back out. And funnily enough they sat exactly how I visualized and I was like “WTF”. But I had all kinds of doubts coming up “should I go over again.. I don’t know whether to or not”. And I walked out and decided to ring a friend to go over to his house with human pheromones according tohttp://pommettmark.doomby.com/blog/how-pheromones-work-in-our-nose.htmlandhttp://infospeak.org/?p=128
I was like “I was talking to these girls and I don’t know whether to go back” and he gave me some encouragement. Because of the fear I did the next best thing and decided to go get her number of real pheromones.
I nearly just left but said to myself “If I don’t do this now I will regret it for several days but if I do no matter what happens I will be happy with myself” so I did it. I said ‘seeya to them’ asked her what her name is and shook her hand then said. I want to get your number before I go and she told me it… I read it back and she said it was correct about her pheromones according tohttp://thongchaimedical.org/?p=179
I was a bit frustrated I didn’t persist and sit down with them again, but I was happy I went for the number instead of leaving and that I went out of my comfort zone in the first place… haven’t done it like this for a long time I used real pheromones.
I was pumped up after it and felt good when I went to my friends place.
Not sure what will happen next but will probably message her tomorrow and try to organize something for Saturday night we aide pheromones.
Don’t remember many specifics about what we talked about, but another thing that stood out is her saying something about a guy in a story and seeming to make a point of ‘oh he’s my ex’.